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Follow these tips to protect your employees, your business, and your property.

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There were
more than
98 million
property crimes
in the U.S. in 2011.

Safety Tip #1
1.6 million traffic accidents are caused by…

An estimated 1.6 million traffic accidents are caused each year by distracted driving. That’s 28% of all accidents that could be avoided. Don’t talk on the phone, text, or engage in any other activity while driving.

Safety Tip #2
3 steps to stay healthy…

Have your employees follow these simple hand and health steps:

Wash your hands when they are dirty and before you eat

Don’t cough into your hands – use your elbow

Don’t sneeze into your hands – use your elbow

Safety Tip #3
Have stairs?…

Keep stairways clean and free from debris.

Safety Tip #4
Be safe, hold on…

Handrails on your stairs should be checked regularly to ensure they’re sturdy and secure.

Safety Tip #5
Check your fire extinguisher…

Every month you should check your company’s fire extinguishers to verify that they’re operational.  They need to be serviced annually by a licensed contractor.

Safety Tip #6
Yellow light. Red Light…

Yellow flashing lights on a school bus means the bus is stopping. Red flashing lights mean the bus is stopped and children are actively getting on or off the bus.

Safety Tip #7
Have carpet or mats?...

Inspect your mats, carpets, and other flooring for rips and damage that could be a tripping hazard. If you find a problem, repair or replace it immediately.

Safety Tip #8
Parking lot safety starts with stops...

Paint car stops in your parking lot with high visibility paint so customers can see them easily.

Safety Tip #9
What’s in your window?…

Clear valuable products from window displays before you close your business each day.

Safety Tip #10
Glass door safety…

All glass doors should have discernible objects in place to prevent patrons from walking into the glass.

Safety Tip #11
A bright idea…

Well-lit parking lots and alleys discourage burglars and help keep your customers safe.

Safety Tip #12
Who is counting?…

Your cash control procedures are critical. Have two people count the daily receipts together and then have a third person verify the count.  And stagger your daily or weekly trips to the bank to make deposits.

Safety Tip #13
The key to key control…

Keeping a log of employees who have keys and access cards to your building is critical to protecting your property.

Safety Tip #14
20% of fires are caused by…

Trash fires are the cause of 20% of non-residential structure fires.

Safety Tip #15
Every 15 minutes you should…

Employees working outside in the heat should drink water every 15 minutes. Read more about preventing heat illness on the OSHA Website.

Safety Tip #16
Plan. Provide. Train…

The three steps to preventing falls are: Plan. Provide. Train. Read more about fall prevention on the OSHA Website

Safety Tip #17
What’s your pallet plan?...

Wooden pallets can be significant fire hazards. Remove them from your building and store them at least 50 feet away from exterior building walls.

Safety Tip #18
3 seconds…

Always stay 3 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you when you’re traveling 40 mph. The heavier your vehicle, the faster you are going, and the worse the weather – the more you need to increase the time between vehicles.